WATCH: California Man Robs Business While Wearing Ankle Monitor

A California man was caught on camera robbing a business at gunpoint while wearing an ankle monitoring device for a previous crime. Officials have confirmed the man is currently out on parole.

Police were called to an alleged robbery at a Boost Mobile store in Culver, California, on Sunday afternoon. When officials arrived, they were able to obtain security footage that showed 37-year-old Lawrence Bell jumping over the counter, forcing the two employees to lay down on the ground while he took money from the register. Bell was able to take around $500 before fleeing on foot.

The footage also showed the man dropping a set of car keys on his way out of the store. The keys helped police locate Bell and arrest him without further incident. The stolen money was found in his car, as well as a loaded semi-automatic handgun.

After his arrest, police found out Bell was already on parole for another, previous robbery.

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