The Evidence That Shows Scott Peterson Could Possibly Be Innocent

Scott Peterson was convicted in 2005 for the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, and his unborn child, Conner Peterson. He was sentenced in California to death by lethal injection and has spent more than 15 years on death row. Peterson was resentenced on Wednesday after the state Supreme Court overturned his sentence after determining the jury was improperly screened for bias. Peterson will now serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Peterson has adamantly denied having anything to do with the murder of his wife and child. Although prosecutors claim to have ruled out any other suspects in the murders, there are some people that believe there is evidence that could suggest Peterson is an innocent man.

Absolutely No Solid Forensic Evidence in the Home

Prosecutors claim the murders took place inside the Peterson’s home. Although thorough investigations were done inside of the home, very little to no forensic evidence was found supporting that theory. Officials everything down to the contents of the vacuum cleaner and found no trace of forensic evidence. Four tiny, faded stains sprinkled on Scott and Laci Peterson’s bedspread were the only blood evidence found after testing items collected from the couple’s house, a state scientist testified. It was unclear if the blood on the comforter came from Scott or Laci and the stains appeared old and faded.

The Other Laci Peterson

There were similar disappearances that occurred around the same time Laci disappeared around Modesto, California. One case in particular has so many similarities, people refer to her as “The Other Laci Peterson” and her killer was never caught.

Evelyn Hernandez was a 24-year-old vocational nurse originally from El Salvador. Hernandez, like Laci, was pregnant and very close to giving birth. In May of 2002, she disappeared after running errands for her baby shower and picking her son up from daycare. Two months later, her torso washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay (like Laci’s) without her unborn child. Authorities could not determine the cause of death, or if her unborn child had been removed forcibly, was naturally delivered or had been expelled as a coffin birth….just like Laci.

The Neighbor Who Saw Laci

Authorities claim Peterson killed Laci either the morning of December 24, 2002, or the night before. Peterson left for fishing around 9:30am the morning she disappeared, meaning (according to prosecutors) Laci would have to have been dead before then. There were two witnesses that claimed to have seen Laci the morning of the 24th between 9:45 and 10:30am, walking their dog. If what the witnesses sightings were correct, it would not have been possible for Peterson to have been the one to kill Laci.

A neighbor testified to seeing the couple’s golden retriever inside the Petersons’ gated yard at 10:15am on the day Laci disappeared, which was Christmas Eve in 2002. The mailman that arrived around 10:30am said the dog wasn’t there. Some believe that is proof Laci was out walking the dog after Peterson left the house, reportedly about 9:30am.

The Boat Experiment

Prosecutors claim Peterson took the bodies of his wife and unborn child to the San Francisco Bay and dumped them from his newly purchased fishing boat. Peterson’s defense team conducted an experiment to prove his boat was not capable of dumping a body with cement anchors out of it. Although the experiment was unsuccessful and positively proved their point, it was not allowed in court.

What do you think, is he guilty or innocent?

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  1. Back in 2002-3, I was strong believe Scott killed his wife, but now, I have doubt that Scott his wife. I pray that we will find the real killer one day and free Scott if he really is innocent.

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