Friends Desperately Searching For Missing Woman That Disappeared Under Suspicious Circumstances

Missy Hernandez was last seen in the Fresno, California area on December 7 and authorities have announced she went missing under suspicious circumstances. Friends have gathered to create a search party in hopes of finding answers into the disappearance of Hernandez.

Close friends and family began to get worried after Hernandez, 30, had not been seen, heard from, or active on social media all week. They claim her phone has not been turned on since she went missing and their attempts to contact her have gone unanswered.

“What’s concerning is that my Aunt Missy is a person who always charges her phone, she’s always big about having her phone on,” says Dolly Ayala, Hernandez’s niece.

The sheriff’s office says Hernandez, who also sometimes goes by Missy Perez, was a frequent vendor at events, selling crystals and jewelry. The regular attendees of these events state they have not seen Hernandez since last week and find it odd as well.

A group of Hernandez’s friends have organized a search party to cover a five mile radius of Fresno. They have also stated Hernandez was from the Los Angeles area and frequently traveled back and forth between there and Fresno.

She is described as 5’5″ in height, 130 lbs. weight, and has brown eyes and dark brown/black hair. She has several tattoos on her arms and legs.

“She’s really flamboyant in the way she dresses.. so just look out for that. If you see a really fashionable, long-haired, beautiful Chicana, that’s probably her,” says her friend Len Rivers.

The sheriff’s office would not reveal why they believe the disappearance of Missy Hernandez is suspicious but said anyone who knows where she was this week or where she might be now should give detectives a call.

The sheriff’s office is urging anyone with information about where she is to contact Detective Gary Haslam at (559) 367-4734, (559) 600-8209, or the dispatch center at (559) 600-3111.

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