Cash Rains Down on Freeway Causing Mayhem Leading to Several Arrests

Do you ever wish a truck would accidentally drop a ton of money out on the road while you were driving by? That became a reality last week on a California freeway causing pure mayhem.

An armored truck was traveling on Interstate 5 in Carlsbad, California on Friday when the doors popped open. Mainly $1 and $20 bills were thrown all over the freeway and the driver tried frantically to retrieve them. After realizing it was nearly impossible, the driver started to record the money-grabbers.

“Everyone stopped on the freeway to get money off of the freeway. This is literally insane,” one excited woman can be heard saying. 

To many it seemed like a dream come true, until the police arrived. Two of the people who scored some cash locked themselves out of their vehicles’ during the commotion. They were arrested according to authorities. CHP has plenty of photos of others, too, who may soon regret their part in the scene. 

“It’s not your money,” California Highway Patrol Sgt. Curtis Martin said at a news conference, warning that anyone found to have taken the money could face criminal charges. 

After the two were arrested on the scene, at least a dozen people returned money they collected to CHP by Friday afternoon.

“People are bringing in a lot,” Martin said. “People got a lot of money.” 

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