Buzz From “Home Alone” Arrested for Strangling Girlfriend

The actor best known for his role as Buzz in “Home Alone”, Devin Ratray, was arrested for allegedly strangling and punching his girlfriend at a fan convention.

Ratray, 44, was one of the star attractions at the OKC Pop Christmas Con in Oklahoma City on December 4-5. Advertisements for the event promised an alcohol-fueled Home Alone watch-along with the child star billed as “Buzzed With Buzz.”

According to Ratray’s girlfriend, he became upset with her after she failed to charge a couple of fans for his autograph. After going to the bar, the pair went back to Ratray’s hotel room, where he allegedly became violent. The victim claims Ratray pushed her onto their bed, placing one hand on her throat and another on her mouth as he allegedly applied pressure.

“This is how you die,” Ratray allegedly told his girlfriend, according to a report by authorities obtained by KFOR.

“[The] victim had trouble breathing while she was being strangled and while the defendant’s hand was over her mouth,” the report stated.

According to the girlfriend, she was eventually able to bite Ratray’s hand, causing him to stop choking her. He then punched her in the face. The girlfriend claims she then left, but returned shortly after to grab her personal belongings. That is when she says Ratray pushed her against a desk in the hotel room.

KFOR reports that the woman had several injuries after the incident, including bruising under her left eye, marks under her right eye, marks above the left side of her upper lip, a bruise on her chest and a sore right arm.

According to TMZ, Ratray has denied assaulting the woman.

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